The culture, past and way of life of the Bavarian Forest can be explored on a cultural journey. They bear witness to the past and the way of life of the region's inhabitants.


Bayerwald Xperium

Pfarrhofweg 4, 94379 St. Englmar

A hands-on museum. The Xperium Science Center is located in the former vicarage in Sankt Englmar. Here, science is combined with fun. Natural phenomena in the exhibition and workshop can be better understood through hands-on experimentation.


Fraunhoferstraße 23, 94315 Straubing

This museum tells the story of the town of Straubing and the surrounding area, the so-called Gäuboden. Collections up to 175 years old from the Neolithic Age to the time of the Celts help with this. In the special sections "Early Bavarians in the Straubing region", visitors can find out interesting facts about the formation of the Bavarian tribes and the arts and crafts of the time. Other sections include "Sacred Art", "Popular Piety" and "History of the Town", which cover topics such as the customs of the dead, religion in the course of life and domestic care. The museum is located near the town square in Straubing.


Gläserne Scheune

Rauhbühl 3, 94234 Viechtach

Not so much a museum as an art treasure. The extraordinary work of art in Rauhbühl near Viechtach was created by the artist Rudolf Schmid and his family. It consists of six oversized glass walls painted with Bavarian stories. The unique pieces, such as sculptures and wooden carvings, are evidence of a lifetime's work. Visitors can expect an impressive composition of an old barn and the builder's dream.



The Bavarian Forest offers many local products for shopping. Whether you are looking for a souvenir from your vacation in the Bavarian Forest or something for life, you are guaranteed to find it here.


Weinfurtner - Das Glasdorf

Zellertalstraße 13, 93471 Arnbruck

In Arnbruck you can experience the glass tradition of the Bavarian Forest at its peak. You can experience glassmaking up close in a total of four themed areas. In the glassworks, you can watch the glassmakers, glass cutters, painters and engravers directly as they create new creations in all their production steps. This collaboration between craftsmanship and art constantly produces new and interesting works of art. In addition to the glass creations in the studios, lifestyle products and fashion are also on offer and can be purchased there.



Bärwurzquelle Bad Kötzting

Pfingstreiterstraße 44, 93444 Bad Kötzting

The schnapps distillery in Bad Kötzting offers a tasting room, a glass schnapps paradise and a schnapps museum. In the adventure garden on the open-air grounds, you will find interesting information about the raw materials used to make schnapps. More than 200 historical exhibits bear witness to the origins of schnapps. You can also buy directly from the producer after tasting. The schnapps at the Reibener-Hof also come from this regional distillery.



JOSKA - Das Glasparadies

Am Moosbach 1, 94249 Bodenmais

The German glassworks in Bodenmais is a well-known excursion destination that showcases traditional glass craftsmanship. The glass cutting, glass painting and glass engraving are divided into two glassworks. Here you can experience culture and tradition as well as a large selection of unique glass items. The company is also a world leader in the production of crystal goblets.



Linprunstraße 4, 94234 Viechtach

In the crystal museum in Viechtach, you can learn lots of interesting facts about minerals and healing stones. Gift ideas and personal lucky stones are also on offer.



The Bavarian Forest is the perfect backdrop for integrating excursion destinations into nature. The deciduous and coniferous forests offer space for use as a climbing forest, for example. The large areas are used as animal enclosures so that animals can be given a natural habitat. There are also plenty of other examples of this, which is why there is a large selection of outdoor attractions.



Maibrunn 9a, 94379 St. Englmar

A unique treetop walkway 30 m above the ground that is suitable for everyone, including wheelchair users and families with baby carriages. With a viewing platform offering a view over the entire Danube valley and the heights of the Bavarian Forest, it attracts many visitors from near and far. Also unique here is the crazy house on the head, the nature adventure trail, the optical phenomena with sensory cave - every visitor, whether young or old, will find something to do here.


Mountainbiking in Sankt Englmar

The opportunities for development in the Sankt Englmar adventure region are inexhaustible. Sankt Englmar is the oldest mountain bike center in Germany and also one of the most beautiful mountain bike regions in Central Europe. There are a total of 300 km of designated routes here. A total of 69 MTB tours and 23 road bike tours lead through the St. Englmar region.


Wintersport in Sankt Englmar

Surrounded by a fantastic landscape, Sankt Englmar offers a total of 13 ski lifts, 105 km of groomed cross-country ski trails and 50 km of hiking trails (cleared in winter): Grün-Maibrunn, Pröller-Klinglbach, Pröller-Hinterwies, Predigtstuhl-Arena, Pröller-Nordhang, Kapellenberg, Marktbuchen and the toboggan slope with toboggan lift in the spa park. In winter, snow depths of 150 cm on the mountain and 60 cm in the valley are reached here. The St. Englmar skiing and hiking area (800 - 1095 m above sea level), which makes the heart of every alpine skier, cross-country skier and toboggan fan beat faster, is approx. 10 minutes' drive from the Hotel & SPA Reibener Hof.


Pullman City

Ruberting 30, 94535 Eging am See

The living western town near Eging am See offers a journey back in time. Experience the Wild West up close with a varied show program and a large selection of attractions.


Bayerwald-Tierpark Lohberg

Schwarzenbacher Str. 1A, 93470 Lohberg

In the animal park in Lohberg, a vacation village on the Großer Arber, you will find more than 400 animals from the Bavarian-Bohemian region, which are housed in their natural environment. The animals include wolves, red deer, lynx and bison. Educational trails along the circular route help to educate visitors about natural history, while the petting zoo and children's playground attract the interest of younger visitors. In the House of the Wolf, special attention is paid to these animals living in the park.


Feßmannsdorf 31, 93479 Grafenwiesen

Visitors can gain an insight into the world of birds of prey on an area of over 7,500 square meters. You can get to know falconry better at the flight show.



Culture and traditions are very important in the Bavarian Forest, especially in the more rural regions.


Rauhnacht always takes place in Sankt Englmar at the turn of the year. The Rauhwuggerl, Hobangoaß and the bluadige Dammerl are supposed to drive away the evil spirits with their self-carved masks. They dance around the fire and through the streets.




The Drachenstich in Furth im Wald is the oldest folk play in Germany. You are immersed in life in the Middle Ages, which tells of the suffering of the people at the time of the Hussite Wars. A knight sacrifices himself for a young lady of the castle and takes on the dragon.




Walhalla is a memorial built between 1830 and 1842. It is based on the architecture of Greek temples modeled on the Pathenon of the Acropolis in Athens. The 358 steps lead up to the memorial plaques and marble busts commemorating important and famous people of German descent.



Pfingstritt Bad Kötzting

The Whitsun Ride has been held in Bad Kötzting every year at Whitsun since 1412. This custom is one of the largest mounted processions with over 900 riders and their horses.



The erection of the maypole dates back to the 13th century and is a symbol of fertility. In Konzell, too, the maypole is always erected on the village square at the end of April.




The Bavarian Forest is full of small wastelands, but there are also interesting towns to explore in the surrounding area. Always full of charm and history!



The city of Regensburg impresses with the ensemble in the old town with Stadt am Hof and the historical monuments, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also a business location as well as a university and college town. The shopping centers not far from the city center invite you to stroll around. You can reach Regensburg after 60 km on the A3.



The city of three rivers lies at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers. Here you can enjoy boat trips on the rivers and get to know the city from the water. Passau is around 100 km away from the Reibener-Hof.



The city of Straubing invites you to stroll or shop on the popular Ludwigsplatz and Theresienplatz squares. You can also enjoy culinary highlights from the region in the cafés or restaurants right on the town square. From burgers and sushi to trendy curries or Bavarian delicacies such as roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. On the banks of the Danube, wonderful paths offer opportunities for walking or cycling. Straubing is a 30-minute drive from the hotel.


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